If She Calls You Boring…

Everyone has had a significant other call them boring before. Gentlemen, when your lady friend has the audacity to do so, consider taking the following action:

Take her on an honest-t- God adventure, but spend as close to $0.00 or less (all situations considered). Seriously, you could make money off of an adventure. Take her on a hike to the highest point in your state. Volunteer at a comic-con (volunteers get just about everything free) and dress up as whatever it is you have in your garage. Get sponsors for a 5k charity run. The key is to either force her to realize that she was just looking to make you spend money on her, or to grow as a couple together.

You are not boring. People who call you boring are boring. They don’t have the guts to say “I want to do something with my life today, but I want to do it with you.”

After all of the amazing things you could do together without spending cash to do it, if she says “That’s not what I meant! I wanted to *insert expensive thing here*”, kindly invite her to pay for it or shut up. She called you boring. Don’t reward a bad attitude.