Outline for Partnership

I don’t mean to hate on women. That’s really not my intent. There are just too many loving men in my life who’ve been hurt by girls who didn’t understand what they had. It pains me, because these amazing men are my brothers, my dad, my cousins, and my uncles. I would rather it not be my son, too.
In an ideal relationship, both parties should come in with a realistic idea of what they have to offer each other. Lasting love and trust aren’t built on romance, but service. That’s what I mean when I mention realistic standards of partnership. Serving each other invites love. Some girls will never experience the pure joy that is a good man’s love, simply because they won’t give of themselves with no thought of gain. I feel sorry for them.


Little hypocrisies that make me cringe

“I just want someone who loves me for being me” is the biggest load of crock I’ve ever heard. How can you possibly expect that level of commitment when “being you” is fat, dishonest, jobless, and generally unlikeable? I especially loathe it when the same people who utter this most annoying sentence turn around and demand their men change for them because they’ve decided they want the latest rom-com boyfriend model, and the partners they have aren’t it. Gentlemen, as a woman and a lady, I demand that you demand better for yourselves. You are objectified just as much as women are. set a realistic standard of partnership and avoid the dependapotamus at all costs!