You are NOT a Lay Away Item!

Gentlemen, many of you are familiar with the “friend zone”. After investing your valuable time, emotions, and money, you were rewarded with all the responsibility of a boyfriend, but none of the benefits. When all of it was followed by the humiliation of watching the girl you desperately loved walk off with some guy she met over the weekend, I wouldn’t blame you if you wrote females off entirely. But, for future reference, never let yourself be treated like a disposable boyfriend for any reason. I don’t care how much you love “that girl”. If she doesn’t offer you the same love and respect you offer her, she isn’t worth your time. You deserve to feel like a self – sustaining, upright man. Advice columns that tell everyone that men should be simpering, submissive, lap dogs are disgusting propaganda. The only way to end the perpetuation of this unfair treatment is for you to stop settling for something less than an equal partnership with someone who genuinely loves you. Real love doesn’t put you on hold, keep you in reserve in case it can’t find something better, or leech away your self respect. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Yours ever, Lady of Letters